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Marilyn Monroe is a timeless icon who has inspired artists from around the world – including world-renowned artist Metin Salih who has used the femme fatale as his muse for a new collaboration, . To celebrate the launch of the new collection, one lucky winner will receive a ‘Beautiful Imperfection Diamond Blue Bag,’ signed by Metin himself.

Metin Marilyn Monroe Handbag

The luxurious pieces are crafted at a top Italian atelier famed for its work with other well-known fashion brands and renowned for producing accessories of the highest quality. Artist Metin Salih has used his signature style of bold expression, vibrant colours and drama to create a unique collection of bags that are the perfect statement pieces for all occasions. The Metin handbags are as much fashion items as they are works of art, combining superior quality, art and craftsmanship.

Metin Marilyn Monroe Handbag

Metin Salih is an artist who started out at age 13 when his work was spotted by a London advertising executive. Since then he has gone on to paint the portraits of celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Jack Nicholson. His unique style of highly expressive work is both provocative and sexy; yet able to capture the intimacy and vulnerability of his subjects at the same time. The ‘Beautiful Imperfection Diamond Blue Bag’ seeks to demonstrate the depth of character and emotion that Marilyn Monroe embodied.

Metin Marilyn Monroe Handbag Inspired by Marilyn’s famous quote about the beauty of imperfection, Metin’s stunning Black Florentine leather Marilyn Monroe ‘Beautiful Imperfection Diamond Blue’ bag features Metin’s incredible painting of Marilyn enhanced with bright blue diamond varnish detailing that highlights this iconic image, combined with warm golden tones to provide a stark contrast with the deep black luxurious leather. The stirrup handles and removable strap add to the versatility of the piece making it perfect for those seeking a truly unique statement item this season.

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Competition closes on 1st June 2018


Metin Marilyn Monroe Handbag

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