About time you got a new watch? Objest has teamed up with C&TH to offer readers the chance to win a beautiful Swiss-made unisex watch, in the colour of their choice… 

Objest Watches

creates beautifully simple, premium Swiss made watches. Designed to be loved and worn with pleasure and pride, Objest’s timepieces are for people who notice the telling details that differentiate superior design and impeccable quality. Developed in London in conjunction with world-class watchmakers, each  watch is carefully crafted using the finest materials, designed to function effortlessly, look remarkable, and provide a lifetime’s better timekeeping.

The overall design language draws from London’s creative sectors with strong references from architecture, art and fashion informing the visual language. Double-domed sapphire glass emphasises the three-dimensional, patterned dial which is made from one piece of metal. Each dial design has a two-tone colouration, adding texture and lustre. Pebble-like rolling surfaces make the 40mm case appear smaller, ensuring the design will appeal to men and women.

Objest Watches

Objest’s deeply-held design principles shape their products. The dedication to material honesty ensures a true expression of the inherent qualities of the finest materials. The focus on design simplicity delivers engaging clarity and elegant sophistication. And their commitment to enduring quality ensures beautiful, cultured products that will be treasured for a long time.

Objest Watches

Each watch is a refined expression of a unique design ethos, and each is expertly crafted by master Swiss watchmakers. An Objest watch is designed to be looked at, loved and worn with pleasure and pride – for the good times. 

C&TH have teamed up with Objest to offer readers the chance to win a beautiful watch from the . To ensure it’s a piece that you treasure and wear time and time again, you’ll be able to choose the design and colour you prefer, up to the value of £395. Don’t delay – enter the competition today!

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Competition closes 1st August 2018


Objest Watches

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