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What’s On Podcast New Episode: Exploring North Devon on the South West Coast Path

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What’s On Podcast New Episode: Exploring North Devon on the South West Coast Path

The What's On Podcast will (hopefully) inspire you to get out and see what's happening in the UK


The new episode of the What’s On Podcast is out today, and this time we’re in North Devon to check out a section of the South West Coast Path, which is currently celebrating it’s 40th year. Listen to our to find out more… 

Episode 10: North Devon & the South West Coast Path

To tie-in with the launch of What’s On by Deodora & CO, we’ve released a new , to encourage you to get out there and see what the country has to offer… Hosted by Rebecca Cox (online editor of What’s On by Deodora & Townhouse) and Lucy Cleland (editor of Deodora & CO), each week we’ll be taking a trip to see something new in the UK, from the most beautiful countryside, to the coolest new city pop-ups and exhibitions. Alongside an audio tour of the trip, (where we’ll be speaking to locals and experts along the way), Lucy and Rbecca will be discussing the trip in the studio and asking listeners for feedback and local travel tips.

Lucy Cleland & Rebecca Cox

Lucy Cleland & Rebecca Cox

Each location or activity will be chosen according to WHAT’S ON this year in Great Britain, from anniversaries of conservation areas to landmark exhibitions, and all the pop culture events in between.

As well as being available on , you’ll be able to find embeds of our podcast episodes online, with pictures, maps and videos from our trips, to bring the words to life. Our very first episode is live, below…

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