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The Best Food Delivery Services

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The Best Food Delivery Services

Eating in is the new eating out


You may never have to leave the house again…

The best meals are often the ones you don’t have to prepare yourself – or even leave the house for! These are the best food delivery services on offer, from healthy pre-prepared meals, to party platters and recipe boxes, they all have one thing in common: they taste all the better for being stress-free.

The Best Food Delivery Services


It’s never been easier to get a balanced diet delivered to your door. Try for dishes such as hot-smoked salmon, avocado and brown rice salad with sweet chilli dressing which can be delivered to your desk or your door. Prepare to incite extreme lunch envy at the office, and order breakfast too if you really want to show off. Everything is handmade in small batches for that home-cooked taste and feel, and with weekly changing menus it’s impossible to get bored. Lunch from £9

You’ll never have to brave the early-morning fresh fruit & veg markets again thanks to , the organic food delivery service that takes its contents seriously – only delivering seasonal, ethical and organic items that they have carefully sourced from hard-working small producers. Delivered straight to your door in recyclable and returnable packaging, you can choose from the classic fruit and veg boxes, organic meat and sustainable fish, or the recently-launched recipe boxes which cover all bases with the options ‘simple’, ‘foodie’, ‘veggie’ or ‘light’. With a maximum prep time of 20 minutes, each box comes with everything you need to prepare a large variety of exciting dishes (with nothing going to waste) such as Afghani lamb and rhubarb korma, or spring asparagus, fennel and sun-dried tomato stew. Always seasonal, always healthy, always delicious – and the honest ethos just makes it all that much better. Recipe boxes from £12 

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Platter London

The art of the party platter is no laughing matter. Aptly-named specialises in tailor-made food platters for every occasion, both sweet and savoury. Each is so beautifully assembled that it becomes the centrepiece for feasting at all manner of events, and can even be personalised for an extra special touch. The team have a penchant for artistic flair and use only the highest quality ingredients, making each order a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. The cheese board looks like something from an Ancient Roman banquet and is scarily moreish, while the canapé board may just be the coolest thing at your party. Mini platter from £100

Detox Kitchen

If you love honest, healthy, flavoursome (and Instagrammable) food, should be top of your list. What started as a small-scale home delivery service has now become a London-wide obsession with two delis and boxes being speedily delivered all over the city. With a focus on healthy food which cleanses and nourishes the body, you can choose from ‘green’, ‘active protein’ and ‘vegan’ depending on your needs and Detox Kitchen will send you a package with your food for the entire day which has already been calorie counted and portioned for your to ensure a balanced diet. Indian chicken and aubergine curry is a favourite, and the juices give you a tasty energy-kick throughout the day. From £28.90 a day

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Wild Child Kitchen Packed Lunch

Being a parent is stressful enough without having to worry about feeding your child nourishing and tasty meals every day. Luckily, a new start-up called will take care of that for you, with its farm-to-table children’s food delivery service. All of their dishes are suitable for ages 1+, using ingredients which are organic wherever possible that are seasonal and sustainably sourced. There’s no refined sugar or added salt which will help to instil healthy habits from early on, everything is made without gluten, dairy and nuts, and all packaging is biodegradable, too. Choose from frozen or fresh to cater for every occasion – because you can’t put a price on extra me-time. Subscription bundles from £18

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This is 2018’s answer to dinner parties – why spend your evening frantically trying to cook for 20 guests when you could have gourmet dinner party food delivered straight to your door? The menu is like that of a restaurant where you select from starters, mains, sides and desserts, with over 70 options for healthy and additive-free food. Choose dishes depending on how much (implied) skill you want to show off to your guests – and with such a stress-free preparation process (simply heat it up), you’ll be able to fully focus on being an impeccable host. Dispose of the packaging and bask in your new found chef status. Mains from £18 for 4 people

Norigami Food Delivery

The classic lunch dilemma: sandwich or sushi? ‘s new lunchtime delivery service means you don’t have to choose – they fuse together the best of east and west to create a unique rice sandwich which is gluten, lactose, nut and wheat free. The concept was inspired by street food trends and the Japanese ‘Onigirazu’ sandwich, combined with a selection of exciting fillings including miso salmon with pickled cucumber and green beans or the unusual (but tasty as hell) egg, chorizo and red onion. Those who work in East, South East and Central London are the lucky ones who will be able to get these little packages of deliciousness straight to their desks. The rest of us are patiently waiting… From £2.99 each

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