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Happy Hanukkah: The Best Jewish Food in London

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Happy Hanukkah: The Best Jewish Food in London

Make a special trip. These spots are worth the schlep.


Happy Hanukkah! 


For adequate levels of festive feasting, here are a few Jewish food groups and where to find them.

The Best Jewish Food in London

rainbow bagel

Bagels: You have two options here: One, the trendy and touted route for a the-line-out-the-door-is-worth-it experience: on Brick Lane. Established in 1974, this 24 hour, 7 day-a-week bagel haven churns out 7,000 bagels a day in the traditional Jewish style with fillings such as hot salt beef with mustard, chopped herring and obviously, cream cheese and salmon. And yes, the famous rainbow bagel is sold there. For a more low-key method to obtaining the perfect bagel in London, head to . Small batch bagels and Challah, a traditional Jewish plaited loaf of yeast risen egg bread, are served warm until 2AM.

Matzoh ball soup

Matzoh ball soup: Also known as ‘Jewish Penecillan’, these first-sized dumplings (kneidlach) in broth runneth over in hearty bowls at . For upscale dining, the 2015 Michelin starred is a delicious celebration of Jewish Cuisine. The restaurant sits within the grounds of Britain’s oldest synagogue, Bevis Marks, built in 1701 and designated a building of national interest.

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salt beef at Monty's

Salt Beef: For serious Jewish soul food made with love, head to . One of the only places in Britain to make its own salt beef and pastrami, Monty’s keeps its recipe a secret a la the school of Katz’s in New York, and Langer’s in LA. Seek salt beef seasoned with class at the salt beef bar in Selfridges, , which is now in its 50th year. An extensive menu features heritage salt beef and a specially paired artisan marbled rye & caraway bread.


Shakshuka: Jewish cuisine links also to countries of the Jewish diaspora: Shakshuka was first created in North Africa, and, like other Sephardic Jewish foods (such as falafel and houmous), the dish shares an Arabic heritage. Hit  for a fantastic classic as well as a ‘green shakshuka’ baked in spinach with herbs. The savoury breakfast food is also the crown jewel of Ottolenghi’s breakfast menu at .

chocolate babka

Jewish Brunch: Because yes, brunch is a food group. From the likes of sweet, chocolate babka to crispy halloumi,  celebrates cuisine ranging from Tel Aviv’s street food stalls to classic Jewish delis and bagel bakeries using sustainable and ethical produce.  boasts the innovative weekend brunch menu expected from any former Ottolenghi chef. Eran Tibi’s restaurant is a love-letter to Tel Aviv in the form of blackberry pitta french toast and beef short rib & bonfire roast.

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