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My Beautiful Life: Essie Davis Shares Her Beauty Loves

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My Beautiful Life: Essie Davis Shares Her Beauty Loves

Actor Essie Davis shares her beauty loves with Nathalie Eleni, from Lancome foundation to sexy Givenchy perfume


From reading scripts on a stationary bike to the hero beauty product she can’t live without, actor Essie Davis shares her top tips for a beautiful life with Nathalie Eleni…


Essie Davis

My morning beauty routine begins with using with a flannel and then applying their Anti-blemish Moisturiser because I have sensitive skin. Occasionally I exfoliate with .

My make-up bag is very depleted at the moment but I do have , , and mascara. I love mascara but I’m between brands and searching for the perfect one.

My hero beauty product is . I can’t live without it. For lips, dry patches or wounds it’s the best. I’m always importing heaps of it for makeup artists around the world.


The perfumes I wear are – it’s sexy and earthy – and the amazing Annick Goutal’s Gardenia Passion. Otherwise I tend to wear simple essential oils to chill me out, perhaps a little sandalwood or lavender.

My best beauty advice is lots of laughter, fresh air, walking and green vegetables. And if you’re going to drink wine, don’t forget to drink water.

To keep fit I walk everywhere.  It’s usually very doable if you have comfy shoes. If I can I read scripts on a stationary bike. And I try and do yoga every day.

For my hair I visit the fabulous John Clark at . I’m naturally a strawberry blonde, so we see quite a lot of each other depending who I’m playing.

Essie stars in British Independent Film Award-nominated ‘Mindhorn’ (in cinemas from 5 May and available on Netflix from 12 May). She will also be portraying Miss Fisher in the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Trilogy.Essie Davis My Beautiful Life

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