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Watch: Get the Meghan Markle Wedding Make Up Look with Nathalie Eleni


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Watch: Get the Meghan Markle Wedding Make Up Look with Nathalie Eleni

Fit for a princess – and you


Meghan Markle looked flawless on her wedding day. Our Beauty Editor and make-up artist Nathalie Eleni has teamed up with Oxygenetix to show you how to create a similar look…


The C&TH Beauty Editor, Nathalie Eleni, teamed up with  for an exclusive ‘Get the Meghan Markle Look’ video, so that we too can achieve flawless perfection (with help from a few dozen beauty products).  

is the ultimate insiders’ beauty secret. Created by dermatologists and loved by celebrities, beauty editors and make-up artists alike, Oxygenetix has won awards for its premium coverage foundation that also boasts unbeatable skin health-boosting benefits. It’s soothing, breathable, sweat-proof and water resistant while providing flawless coverage – making it the perfect wedding foundation. Watch how Nathalie incorporates it into the ultimate wedding makeup look below… Find out more at

Get the Meghan Markle Wedding Make Up Look

Nathalie gives us her top tips on how to create a perfect wedding make up look (à la Meghan Markle)…


‘To create the perfect natural wedding make up look, use light layers, cream products for cheeks to help bounce the light off your skin and really spend time prepping your skin beforehand so it’s smooth and hydrated allowing make up to apply much easier.’

Stay tuned for wedding skin prep, coming soon…

Products Used:

  • And of course, makeup bag essentials, the Beauty Blender, Tweezerman tweezers and makeup brushes from

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